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Humanist Students

Humanist Students is the umbrella body for university humanist, atheist, and secular societies, and is part of Humanists UK.

We campaign on campuses across the UK and Ireland to give greater visibility to student activists campaigning for human rights, equality, secularism, and free expression.

Becoming a member of Humanist Students is completely free, and comes with free Humanists UK student membership for the duration of your degree.

At the moment, Humanist Students is made up of 42 campus societies at universities across the UK and Ireland. We’re united by our belief that a fairer world is possible if we invest in a future led by reason, empathy, and kindness towards our fellow human beings.

We’re currently re-developing our web presence for 2017. We’ll soon be updating this page to feature more information about our campaigns and our officers.

Voting is now open to elect a the new President-Elect of Humanist Students. You can find more information and vote now here.

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