Recommended fees for Humanist Ceremonies

Our celebrants are members of the Humanist Ceremonies™ network, which ensures their quality and guarantees high standards. As individual celebrants, they set their own fees, but we make recommendations for fee-bandings to help you know what to expect. These bandings are reviewed annually.

Fees for humanist ceremonies are different for each kind of ceremony and vary according to local competitive rates, the average time and mileage celebrants are likely to be required to travel, or the complexity a type of ceremony involves. They reflect the fact that all of our ceremonies are highly personalised. Additional travel and accommodation costs may be charged in addition to the agreed fee, by prior agreement.

For weddings and naming ceremonies, you should expect to check fees directly with the celebrant, and pay them directly. For funerals, the fee to the celebrant is usually included as part of the funeral director’s charges for disbursements.

The recommended fee bandings for 2014 have been agreed as follows:


Recommended fees for 2014

Payment of Fees

Funeral celebrant £150 – £200 Usually payable to funeral
director as part of charges for
Memorial celebrant £150 – £200 Payable directly to celebrant
Wedding celebrant £350 – £1,000 Payable directly to celebrant
Partnership celebrant £350 – £1,000 Payable directly to celebrant
Naming celebrant £150 – £300 Payable directly to celebrant


A percentage of the fees above is paid by our accredited celebrants as a contribution towards celebrants’ training and quality standards and to promote and develop the BHA’s Humanist Ceremonies network.  This contribution also pays for full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance for each celebrant.

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