Humanist Weddings and Partnership Celebrations

In England and Wales, most couples who choose to have a Humanist wedding or partnership ceremony complete the legal formalities and obtain a civil marriage certificate in the usual way at a Register Office first.

A Humanist, non-religious wedding or partnership ceremony held after this formal requirement is the one which can truly mark your life-long commitment to each other. This ceremony is special to you and your guests, at which you make your vows and during which you may choose to exchange rings.

A Humanist celebration means that you can:

  • get married in a ceremony that reflects your own beliefs
  • express your vows to each other in your own words; be formal, or thoroughly informal
  • invite more friends and family people to share in the ceremony
  • use a place which is special to you – on a boat, in a garden, on a beach, in your favourite restaurant, in your own home
  • choose readings and music which mean something to you, as a couple.

Wedding celebrants in the BHA’s Humanist Ceremonies™ network are friendly, trained and experienced. They meet with the couple before the ceremony, to consult, answer questions, discuss ideas and prepare a script especially tailored for the couple. They can advise on ways of handling small details that help to make such occasions a big success. They can help prepare and coordinate words to be spoken, readings and music, as well as contributions by guests. They will plan and rehearse every aspect of the ceremony with the couple so they feel relaxed, confident and ready to enjoy their special day.

Feel free to ask any questions in the Facebook community, there are lots of accredited trained celebrants who can help you get a better understanding of how it all works…

Find a Humanist celebrant

Sharing the Future: This BHA publication, includes a range of sample ceremonies, practical tips, ideas and selections of poetry and prose which many non-religious couples have found useful.

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Please click here to download our information leaflet on Humanist Weddings.