Humanist Ceremonies™

Humanist Ceremonies™ is part of Humanists UK, a charity which represents the needs and perspectives of non-religious people.

We have a growing network of over 450 accredited celebrants working across England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and the Channel Islands.

What is a celebrant?

A celebrant is someone who is involved with creating, writing and conducting a ceremony.

A humanist celebrant is someone who writes and conducts humanist (non-religious) ceremonies.

A Humanist Ceremonies™ celebrant is a humanist (believing in living and celebrating the one life we have) and someone who has been trained and accredited by us to conduct ceremonies of the highest professional standard.

Our celebrants come from all walks of life, meaning our network is as diverse as the communities we serve.

Some celebrants conduct our full range of ceremonies – namings, weddings and funerals – while others may conduct only one type of ceremony. Some deliver ceremonies on a full-time basis or during semi-retirement, while others combine being a celebrant with other roles, such as freelance work or caring responsibilities.

Whatever their background, all our celebrants have been trained to the highest standard and each is deeply committed to their work and find it immensely rewarding.

Our celebrants are all trained to a high standard and our training has received the OCN Quality Mark for excellence.

Becoming a celebrant

Find out about training to become a celebrant with Humanist Ceremonies™.

If you’re an independent celebrant – and a humanist – you can train with us and become an accredited member of our network. You can find out if you’re a humanist by taking our online quiz.

Your feedback

If you’ve had a ceremony conducted by a Humanist Ceremonies celebrant, we’d love to know what you thought of it. Tell us about your humanist ceremony.