Who or what is a celebrant?

Although we use the word ourselves, we’re aware that the term ‘celebrant’ isn’t particularly well known or understood (although it is quite common in some countries, such as Australia).

 A ‘celebrant’ is someone who is involved with creating, writing and conducting a ceremony.

 A ‘humanist celebrant’ is someone who writes and conducts humanist or non-religious ceremonies.

We used to call to these people ‘officiants’ and some still prefer that term. We are also sometime known as ‘humanist ministers’. But what we call ourselves isn’t nearly as important as what we do.

Humanist Ceremonies™ celebrants

Humanist Ceremonies™ is part of Humanists UK. Humanists UK is a charity which represents the needs and perspectives of non-religious people and Humanist Ceremonies has a growing network of around four hundred qualified and accredited celebrants working across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands.

Some celebrants conduct our full range of ceremonies – namings, weddings and funerals. Others conduct only one or two ceremony types.

Our celebrants come from all walks of life, meaning our network is as diverse as the population we serve.  Some celebrants are engaged in ceremonies work on a full-time basis, some combine it with other roles – perhaps additional freelance work or caring responsibilities – and others come to the field in retirement, perhaps now finding themselves busier than ever!

Whatever their background, all our celebrants are deeply committed to their work and find it immensely rewarding.


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